E n g i n e  e r i n g  C o n t  r a c t o r s  f o r  E L E V  A T O R  S  &  E S C A L A T O R S

Reliance Engineering Services (RES) is a full-service engineering contracting company in Pakistan specializing i a wide range of engineering services for elevators and escalators. The company's primary objective is to provide 24/7 round-the-clock service to ensure 100% operational quality of its products installed.

RES is a global member of the FUJI Elevator Association (FEA) www.fujielevator.net and part of a group of organizations that offers a broad range of elevators, escalators and other peripherals designed to meet needs of discerning clients.

Residential, commercial, industrial and even tailor-made lifts are available for specific application. Geared and gearless machines may come with machine room less features. Control systems are microprocessor based, equipped with sophisticated intelligent algorithm to handle complex traffic. Advance remote monitoring system allows maintenance crew to monitor the condition of lifts with handheld device via the internet, GPRS or GSM.

Reliance Engineering Services (RES) is staffed with a pool of experienced engineers and service personals, trained to handle simple to complex servicing of all kind of elevators and escalators, anywhere in Pakistan.

For immediate enquiries:
Please Call: +92-21-35621452, +92-21-35621453
Fax: +92-21-35621454, +92-21-35654105
Email: res@reliance.com.pk
URL: www.reliance.com.pk