E n g i n e  e r i n g  C o n t  r a c t o r s  f o r  E L E V  A T O R  S  &  E S C A L A T O R S


Mid-High Speed Elevator

Mid-High Speed Elevator is specially designed for crowded transportation, e.g. high rise residential buildings, grand commercial and hotel building etc. The elevator is fast, luxurious and convenient. It adopts updated professional PMP driving and control systems, which can provide passengers with excellent comfort, safety and high efficiency.

Passenger ElevatorPassenger ElevatorPassenger Elevator

This product adopts updated professional elevator control system and AC-VVVF speed control system. It is suitable for low and mid-rise commercial and residential buildings which can provide with comfortable elevator environment.


Machine-Room Less Elevator

Compared with machine-room elevator, the machine room-less elevator can save much space, reduce construction cost and improve hoist way utilization ratio to make operation more stable. The machine room-less elevator adopts high efficiency and energy consumption saving, which can save 30-40% of power consumption compared to classical gear machine. Little vibration, low noise and perfect security protection guarantees the elevator to be safer and more reliable.


Observation ElevatorObservation ElevatorObservation Elevator

Available in a wide choice of observation elevator designs for comfort, safety and high efficiency.




Bed / Cargo ElevatorBed/Cargo ElevatorBed/Cargo Elevator

The product is suitable meant for hospitals, factories, warehouses and large industrial environments. Sturdy, smooth, easy to operate, low maintenance and durable, the bed/cargo elevator is the right choice for your relevant requirements.



Control System

The whole computerized intellectual control can accomplish multi-CPU, module and network control. Multi-protocol communication makes installation and maintenance swift and flexible.