E n g i n e  e r i n g  C o n t  r a c t o r s  f o r  E L E V  A T O R  S  &  E S C A L A T O R S

At FEA, clients can rest assured of FUJI's quality elevator & escalator system. Members have access to a comprehensive range of FUJI certified system components from lift system to peripheral devices.

We strive for better quality and committed to clients satisfaction. Stay tune for upcoming future developments.

FEA Products Feature

FEA offers a broad range of elevators, escalators and other peripherals designed to meet needs of client. Residential, commercial, industrial, and even tailor-made lift are available for specific application. Geared and gearless lift may come with machine-roomless feature. Control system are microprocessor based, equipped with sophisticated intelligent algorithm to handle the complex traffic. Advance remote monitoring system allows maintenance crew to monitor lift condition at their handheld devices via ethernet, GPRS or GSM.

FEA Members

Fuji Elevator Association, is the association that led a collaboration of synergic cooperation between leading elevator players. Among the pioneers were FUJI Elevator Co. Ltd (Japan), FUJI Elevator (M) Sdn. Bhd and Suzhou FUJI Lift Co. Ltd. Until today there are more than 10 members covering from Middle east until Asia.

For more information about FEA click here www.fujielevator.net